Tracking using course completion

Apr 26, 2017


I've uploaded a Rise training to the LMS with the option "track using course completion".  Upon completion of the training, the course's status is Passed...but I would like it to be "Completed". Is that possible to manage in Rise?


Thank you!

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Jake Hermiston

We have a Rise module in our LMS Blackboard original. We have been running it for two years. It has a quiz in it set for 80% passing and you get three tries. We have made it so the LMS gives it the three tries(student has to get out of the module and get back to launch the whole module again until they get a passing mark. ) Worked perfectly but now it is not showing the P or fail , just the blue gem that means 'in progress. Artiuclate 360 has a new owner here, I am retiring, and so the software is now in his name but I have access to it. Could that be the problem?

What setting should my Rise module be for exporting and what settings should my BB be for the grades showing up properly. We are kinda mxed up

Renz Sevilla

Hi Jake! Thanks for reaching out! Articulate 360 license ownership should not affect the settings of an already published course. That being said, since this is a 2-year-old course, you may want to publish a new version.

You can export your Rise 360 course for LMS and select Tracking for the quiz result to set it to 80%. I would suggest testing this in SCORM Cloud first to make sure your LMS is not the problem.