Storyline Blocks are fuzzy

Jul 02, 2018

Hi everyone, 

I inserted a Storyline Block for the first time into a Rise page. I noticed the quality isn't as good. It's fuzzy at any size (Full Width, Medium, and Small). Any ideas on how I can increase the quality? I can change the size of my Storyline slide if I need to...

Right now I have my Publishing Quality set to 9 (High Quality) and Image Quality set to 100%. I'm sure it's Rise's dynamic scaling that's making it fuzzy, so I wanted to see if anyone has found a way to clean it up. 



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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kristen. Thanks for sharing those details; I'd love to help!

To start, do you notice that loss of quality with your Storyline block in Rise on a particular browser or multiple ones?

And if you don't mind sending me your Rise course's Share link, I'd also love to run some tests in multiple environments!

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