Storyline blurry in Rise

Mar 21, 2018


When inserting a Storyline block into Rise the text becomes blurry?

Can you please explain how can I fix this?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi folks!

Thanks for letting us know what's going on, and I'm happy to help.

Do you notice that the Storyline block looks more blurry in some browsers? For example, if you test the course in both Chrome and Internet Explorer, do you notice that the Storyline content looks more blurry in Chrome?

If you don't mind sending me the Rise "Share" link, I'd love to help you test it! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annabelle,

We support a number of browsers, some of us may have a personal preference for Chrome. 😉

You can share with us privately by uploading it to me here. Happy to take a look at your example if you can pass it along, and feel free to share the Rise course link and a copy of your .story file. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Cindy! Thanks for including the screenshot.

First, what are the dimensions of your Storyline slides? You can find this by going to the Design tab on the ribbon and clicking Story Size.

Also, do you see a difference if you change the width in the Storyline block settings? The options are Small, Medium, and Full Width. 

Alyssa Gomez

It could be that the original slide size is large, and the slide is being scaled down to fit inside the "Small" Storyline block. Scaling down a slide too much often results in a loss of quality.

On the other hand, the text and image quality looks very clear on my browser, even if I scale down the Storyline block by shrinking my browser window. 

You can always try reducing the slide size in Storyline, then re-insert the Storyline Block into Rise. For example, if the original slide size is 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9), you could reduce that to 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9). 

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