Storyline interaction not shown in mobile preview mode

I added a Storyline interaction from Articulate 360. But when I want to preview this block in mobile mode (portrait or landscape), I see a play button on screen like you see when you want to play a video. Not the interaction.

Does this mean it doesn't work on a mobile phone? Or is this preview mode just not supported for Storyline interactions?

Kind regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Renzo,

Is this a Storyline interaction you've added to Rise? 

The mobile preview won't show the Storyline block for playback, but if you open the Share  link on your mobile device that would be a way to test it. You'll still see the play button to start the Storyline piece and then it should all work normally. 

Renzo Waasdorp

Back again. Still wondering: how come the storyline block is shown in black with a play button (on a mobile phone)? I tested the sample course Employee Health & Wellness and the storyline slider that is used in the course is shown directly, even on a mobile phone. That would be great if my storyline pieces worked like that! 

How is this done? Is there a difference in settings, or...?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Renzo. Happy to help! 

The play button you're seeing on a mobile device is intended behavior for Storyline content on a phone. Adam explains more about that feature here! For possible workarounds, check out these similar conversations happening here and here.

Additionally, in which browser(s) are you viewing the sample content? I'll give it a test on my side in a similar environment and let you know what I see! 😊

Renzo Waasdorp

Hi Katie!

Thanks for all the info. Nice to see that people found workarounds for this. 

I think it's me, but the workarounds didn't work for me. I guess I am still too new to Rise and Storyline. But I'll check with the technical department here. If I understand correctly, it is all about working around the autoplay function (that has been switched off intentionally) and when you make an export you can adjust that in the SCORM files. 

The sample course I viewed in Chrome. Works fine! Even in mobile view. As I said, the nice slider (storyline piece) pops up immediately to your screen and I want that too! ;)  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey, Renzo! 

If you're stuck we're also happy to take a look at your Rise/Storyline course! I don't believe the sample course from Rise has a Storyline block in it, I double checked mine and didn't see a slider interaction, but I could have deleted it by accident. 🙃 

If you wanted to include the two Share links for the courses you're testing, we can help test too. That way we'll at least confirm the behaviors you're seeing and in the iOS environment.

Renzo Waasdorp

Thanks, Ashley. I will send the Share links later.

The slider I am talking about is from the Sample Course Employee Health & Wellness. When I click on 'Edit' it says that this is a storyline block sample. It looks like this:

Very nice. I would like my storyline blocks to work like this too. It works great in mobile preview mode.