Storyline quiz in RISE not behaving!

Jul 18, 2020


I have created a quiz in Storyline and entered it as the final lesson in a RISE course. The user has 2 attempts and then cannot try the test again. When I have previewed it in my LMS it works in the sense that only 2 attempts are allowed. The issue, however is that the user can simply go to the previous lesson and then re-enter the quiz - how do I 'freeze' or 'block' the user from going back and trying the test again?


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Crystal Horn

Hello, Angela. Storyline blocks will start over from the beginning any time you leave and revisit the lesson in your Rise 360 course.

You could explore locking the navigation in the course by removing the sidebar and the previous/next buttons. You'll have to use continue blocks or button blocks to allow the learners to navigate from one lesson to another.

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