storyline responsive playback doesn't work when embed in rise

Aug 27, 2021


I'm using Rise to build my course, and storyline to make some more complex activities.

I've configured the storyline responsive playback to be landscape only for both tablets and phone (otherwise, it's impossible to read on those screens)

When I test the storyline on a phone, it works just fine (users have to turn it's phone to access the activity).

But when the storyline activity is embed in Rise, it doesn't work at all !
The user can do the activity whil being in portrait mode (I've received some complains as some users didn't turn their phones and told me the activity is unreadable)

Am I doing something wrong ? is there a way to make Storyline landscape only playback work with Rise ?


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Hazel Bartolome

Hello Thibault!

Sorry to hear that this is happening to your learners on a mobile device. Does the same issue happen across all mobile devices or are there only specific devices where it won't work?

I would suggest that you share your course with us privately by opening a case here,  and one of our technical support engineers will take a look at it.