SSO authentication for corporate users

Dec 21, 2016

I love Rise. It's beautiful and responsive and easy to easy.

I want to make this available for our users. However, we are in a highly regulated industry and need more robust security when giving people access to our content. Unfortunately, a single password authentication doesn't meet our requirement. When would you have a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication available?   

By the way, when I imported the Rise package to our LMS (SuccessFactors), it lost some of the cool responsive behaviors. For example, on my iPad, it only displays content in landscape mode (not portrait).  



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jinpil,

I'm so happy to hear you're loving Rise! Our team is incredibly proud of it and happy with all the feedback we've gotten too date. 

As for the SSO authentication, I double checked with our product team and that's not something we have an ETA for currently. If anything changes around that we'll keep folks posted here in the ELH community forums and on our Rise Version History page. 

As for the display you're seeing within SuccessFactors on your iPad, I've heard of some LMS specific iOS apps causing a difference in display with the content, as it's forcing the content to display within their frame vs. allowing the mobile browser to work with the responsive Rise content. An easy way to test this is to see how it works outside of your LMS, while still in an LMS environment such as SCORM Cloud, which is a free industry standard for testing LMS content. 

Let us know if you're able to give it a test there, and how it behaves! If you can't upload it there, our team can also assist if you'll share a copy of the Rise export with us. You can send it along in this forum discussion using the "Add Attachment" button or send it direct to our Support Engineers here. 

Jinpil Shin

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the quick reply. Does Articulate Online provide SSO integration for enterprise customers? If yes, that could be a way. I look forward to hearing more on SSO capability in the future.

Also, thank you for sharing the SCORM Cloud. I was able to test it and the responsive content worked well in my mobile browser (i.e., Safari). So, I retested the Rise module in SuccessFactors (SF), and I realized that the responsive  issue I had was due to SF's Learning mobile app. When I played the same content in Safari browser, it worked fine, but not in the mobile app.

Thanks for your help! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Enablement Tools, 

Security of your content is always a valid concern and great question to ask of any company. Our team has thoroughly detailed this in our Trust Center and with our Privacy Policy. 

There is a TON of information in there, so if you need help breaking it down or have specific questions, please reach out to our Security team by emailing They are happy to help! 

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