Storyline Review Updates in Rise

Jun 23, 2022

Hey all, I would like when I update a storyline 360 course in review, that it automatically updates in it's corresponding Rise location.

I found this quote on the Rise 360 Q&A page "If I update my Storyline content in Review 360, will it affect my Storyline blocks in Rise 360? If you update your Storyline content in Review 360, those updates will not appear in Rise 360 until you delete and re-add the relevant Storyline blocks."

To be honest, that seems completely absurd to me, bordering on admitting the software is broken.

I was under the impression that it is pulling the content from Review like an iFrame, but that must not be the case. The way it works now is completely backwards from the expected interaction between the two pieces and is extremely frustrating when working on a rather large curriculum that uses Storyline elements as modular parts. It is set up this way so that other departments could create different pathways for different user skill levels. But with the current state of how they work together, all of those modular pieces would need to be updated in their unique locations (Rise files) given any minor update to the components. Meaning that, if done improperly or missed through delegation across different departments, learners would be looking at different versions of the same review link.

Is there a workaround to make this function as it should?

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