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Feb 19, 2020

Yesterday, (18/02/2020 16:00 GMT) I was editing a Rise module and all was going well. I broke off for a period of about 10 minutes and when I returned to the screen there was a dialogue box saying in effect "Last edited by .... Do you want to take control"? As this was referring to me as the last editor and asking me if I wanted to take control I naturally choose 'Yes'.

Then, bang, I was returned to the state I had been in about 2 hours before and all the editing I had done, had vanished. I was able to recover eventually but it took me another two hours to get back to where I'd been.

Two questions:

  1. Why did the system roll me back to a previous state?
  2. Is there no way of the system backing up work, in the cloud, using a versioning control, similar to that which we take for granted in applications like MS Word so that work can be restored to an earlier version?


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Tanya Corlett

I've just noticed another thread on this subject: 'Rise: "X is editing; take control" message' and this seems connected and relevant.

And, one of the comments by an author was: "Hello I receive the Take Control message repeatedly. I'm using the latest version of Edge (tried Chrome, same thing). I'll be editing a lesson, jump to a different one and the message appears. It's also acting wonky when I try and do inline editing. It won't save the changes, it reverts back to the previous version."

I've also seen a comment posted a few days ago in this same thread that it (Take Control) is occurring with others. 

I've also retried staging the situation and this time clicked 'no' but the prompt just reappeared again a few seconds later.

I can live with this if nothing happens but the scary bit is when the last editing session disappears. This seems particularly focused on text.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Stan,

I'm really sorry to hear that you lost your work and had to spend hours rebuilding the content that disappeared. We never want designing courses in Rise 360 to be a frustrating experience.

We have come across this issue before, and our team is making it a priority to find the root of the problem. We'd love to get your help with that, too. Would you mind sharing a little more about what you were doing when this occured?

  • What web browser were you using?
  • How long were you working in Rise 360 prior to pausing your work for 10 minutes?
  • Do you have a strong network connection where you're working?

Now, on to your questions:

  1. We suspect that Rise 360 took you back to a previous version because you may have temporarily lost network connection. As we continue to investigate this issue, we'll let you know what we uncover.
  2. Rise 360 doesn't have a version control feature right now, but that's a popular request. I'll be sure we make a note that this is a feature that would benefit you. 

If you have any more questions about this, I'm here to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Tanya Corlett

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for responding.

We use Chrome and it's Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I had been interacting with Rise 360 for about 90 minutes before taking a break. Most of the interaction was about adding images and text, but the section that got reversed back was a SCENARIO Block. I had been going through the block adjusting some of the pre-existing text content and adding some new content blocks.

  • The first thing that occurred to me at the time as being odd was that when I was changing the font colour with the text editing tool that sometimes the text didn't change colour, and I would have to go to preview mode and out of the block and then back into edit mode to enable the change to take place. It was as if the change wasn't being recognised. This has happened most working days over the last couple of months a couple of times each hour.
  • The second thing that might be worth mentioning is that when I choose the 'MORE' option from the dropdown for editing the graphic character there was a huge delay and it took around two or three minutes for the character's poses to appear. There was also a long delay in uploading background content from the Content Library.

These two items gave an impression of the network being very sluggish and very unresponsive. In the UK at the time I was working this would be for most Internet users late afternoon and a not particularly busy time so network contention at our end would be average.

Our connection is stable at 60Mbps download and 21Mbps upload and the only contention would be from one other workstation running email. The hardware we were using is a Dell Precision Workstation running MS WIN 10 VER 1909 complete with all current patches.

On the versioning front, it would be great if a version could autosave, say every 10 minutes and the timestamp appended to the course name. Access to the versions could be via the More option against the course's name on the display page.

That way we would all have peace of mind.

Best regards, Stan.

Karl Muller

My experience is that I see this message when I use the browser Back button when editing a Rise course as opposed to the Rise back button. As a result Rise does not realize that I'm no longer editing the lesson, so when I come back later it has "locked" the lesson as being in use by me.

On other threads people have said they get this message even if they only use the Rise navigation buttons.

You mention a problem where you changed the text colour but the change was not applied. This is a problem I have also experienced but I don't believe it's related to the "X is editing; take control" issue.

Occasionally when I'm editing text, as soon as I select the text the toolbar comes up as it should. As soon as I make a change, e.g. colour, size, alignment, etc. it does not apply any of these changes. In most cases it will deselect the text I was working on.

I have to quit that Lesson, go back to the list of Lessons and then reopen it to get the text editor working again.

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