Swapping images and text from left to right in Rise 360

Oct 16, 2023

Hi all, I have been working in Rise for about a year and had been able to simply move images and text to/from the left/right.  It no longer seems to be an option. I would love suggestions on how to do this.  Ideally, I would like an image on the left with text to the right but then, in the next block, I would like the image on the right and the text on the left.

All feedback is appreciated.


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Andrea Kombrink

Hi there, in most cases I need to place text leeft and the imaage on the right side.
So because Rise has a standard-adjustment "Image left", each time I use this block, I have to change this adjustment.

Is it possible to change the standard-adjustment, so that it is not necessary any more to do it each time when using the block?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Andrea,

There isn't a way to set the default position of images in an image and text block. One workaround is to use the Block Template to save a template of your image and text block with the image positioned on the left. 

With a lock saved, you can simply call on the template whenever you need to add your customized block to a Rise 360 course.