Two questions about "Image and Text" style in image blocks

Feb 21, 2021

  1. Is it possible to flip the image and text so the image could sometimes be on the right with text on the left? The style is a great design element and it would be great to balance them in a "stack" by interspersing an image on the left with an image on the right.
  2. Is it possible to put a list from the blocks styles in the text section of an Image and Text block. This would be very useful too.
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Karl Muller

Hi Kurt,

Question 1

Yes, it's possible to display the image on the right side for an Image & Text block.

Select the block.

Select Edit.


Use the Image Position drop-down to change the image from Left to Right.


Question 2

The text associated with an image and text block can be formatted either as a bulleted list or a numbered list.