Swapping seats on team license on Rise

Hi there

Our company currently has 2 seats under a team license on Rise. We have been told that we can swap the seats to other developers within our organisation so that they can also use Rise i.e. one of our developers does not work on a Friday - on that day I can swap her seat to somebody else.

I have just looked at the admin screen and the only way I can see of doing this is to delete the existing developer and add the new person. If I delete the existing person will all their work in Rise be lost? Or will it still be there when I swap the seat back to them on Monday?

Many thanks for your help!

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Justin Grenier

Hi Alena,

You're correct - Claire's work is associated with Claire's Articulate ID. So she'll see her work when she logs in after being added back to the team. The same for Lisa as she develops Rise courses.

…and yes, I just meant that those weekly additions/deletions are a bit more manual effort than we'd hope for you.

Hronn Jonsdottir

Hi Justin 

I'm a huge fan of Rise and I´m account manager for my company location. I have 6 seats at my team and some user do not use it so much and then I´m spreading the word to get other people using Articulate Rise. 
(1) So if Robin has several Rise courses online and I want Jane to take his seat for couple of weeks, will Robin's courses still be online for viewing. 
(2) Also if Robin will leave the company, will it be enough to collaborative the course with me so it will still remain editable? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Hronn,

Great questions and I'm happy to help!

1. Robin's courses will remain with Robin's Articulate ID. So if he is added back to the team he'll be able to see and edit the courses. If you need Jane to have Robin's courses, I'd suggest that Robin use the "Send a Copy" feature prior to being removed from the team and then Jane and Robin will maintain separate copies of the course.

2. If Robin leaves the company, you can have him invite you or any other team member to collaborate on the course and be assigned the owner. That would transfer all editing and ownership rights to another individual. 

For a bit more detail on the differences between Send a Copy and Collaborative authoring, take a look at this article. 

If you have any other questions, let us know! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

It sounds like you're having trouble using the ELH reply/delete functions? If you're unable to delete something I'm happy to help - just let me know which comment on a discussion! 

Also, if you can let me know what browser you're using I can have our team check into the functionality of the site.