Table in List Items

Dec 19, 2017

So, I've figured out that I can copy and paste a table from word into a list item. Once its there, I can manipulate the formatting of the text in the table (bold, underline, alignment, font size, etc.)

Is there anyway to manipulate the table itself (row height, column width, cell color, etc.)? 

I can also copy and paste image files in line with text as well!

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matt thorne

For a Word table, just select the table...copy and can drop it anywhere in Rise where you can place text. They won't always behave wonderfully, but if you're in a text block or a list item, a small table will do ok.

Same with an image. I've taken small images that exist inline with text in a Word document and placed it in a text based Rise block. As long as you can grab a paragraph mark or some other text around the image, it will come in to the block. If you just try to right click on an image in Word and then paste into Rise, it won't always work.

Chet Hertz

Really interesting, thanks Matt for pointing out. 

I actually wonder if that's intended functionality or just somewhat accidentally beneficial.  Because Rise provides native facilities to add images, It didn't occur to me that such copy and paste from a Word source would function for such purposes.  

Anyway, seems to work for now,  Maybe not always applicable, but handy as you say for within lists, etc. where one can't access the native image insertion. 

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