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Aug 04, 2017

Hi, is it possible to have tables show in a Rise module?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jamie,

I've seen only a handful of requests for tables in Rise - but we recently introduced them in Storyline, and the ability to insert a Storyline course into a Rise lesson. So perhaps that method would work for you? 

I haven't seen a lot of mention about tables and accessibility though, so it's always a good idea to share with our Product team  here. 😁 

Bridgewater Developer

Hi Alyssa and Ashley

The editor that you have implemented has the functionality to use tables:

Could you please follow-up with the dev team to make the extra (relevant) functionality available, including the table option. I will message them as well, this should be quick to implement though.

Justin Grenier

Hi, Dorrien!

We've evaluated the table feature built into the third-party text editor you mentioned and found some issues that would be showstoppers for our customers, particularly given our need to be responsive on every device. It's something we'll consider again in the future, and we appreciate you sending us your thoughts!

David Tait

This is a possible solution but the behaviour of SL blocks on mobile devices, i.e. having to click a play button to view them, isn't ideal. Plus the content of the SL block isn't responsive.

If we could add a simple HTML table that would be the ideal situation. Even if it scrolled on overflow as described here: 

Bridgewater Developer

I have used Google Sheets to insert tables with an IFrame. This requires a little bit of tweaking of the column length to remove the horizontal scroll bar, if you are using a limited number of columns (see attachment for an example). This seems to work okay, it looks fine on a desktop and a tablet in landscape mode, however it still has limitations depending on screen size, and it does not look as impressive with a smartphone as the scroll-bar takes up a section of the IFrame screen space.

For tables in an image, or trying to improve to clarity of images with text, In Photoshop I modify the image width to 1000px, then I change the canvas width to 1200px, which adds white space to on the sides of the image (attached example). The canvas width can be adjusted depending on what size you would like the image to be.

It would however be preferable if Rise did allow for fine tuning of the display size of the image.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Denis and Daniel,

I appreciate you chiming in as well, and I can pass that along to the team, as we haven't added tables into Rise yet. We're always interested to know what other features and tools you'd like to see added, so please keep the ideas coming! 

Have you looked into the method shared by Bridgewater to use a Google sheet embed, or using a Storyline block (Storyline has an option to create tables)? 

Adarsh Char

Chiming in on my support for tables as a native addition into Rise. The key consideration for me is accessibility. If a table is inserted as a picture, that information is not available to screen readers - that is particularly troublesome if the information presented in the table is available exclusively as a picture. One other workaround I have found is to include the picture as a convenient view of the data for the majority of readers and then include an accessible version of the table as an Attachment block. Of course, this is not ideal as users with accessibility requirements would need to download the document in order to view the content, breaking the flow of their experience.

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