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Aug 04, 2017

Hi, is it possible to have tables show in a Rise module?

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Jamie Traynor

The last couple of months I have found Rise buggy (I'm using Chrome on a Mac). When it is buggy, I arrow back out of the course then go back in to edit the lesson and it works (or close the tab and go back into Rise). I have to do this on and off throughout the day. Of course  there needs to be a real fix but maybe that will at least help to get you to be able to delete the row.

Math Notermans

So working on a course in Rise360 im adding some tables. I might be missing some option to get this done, but it might also be some lacking functionality.

Check the image i added.

Adding bulletpoints to text in a cell makes that text jump quite some pixels horizontal and vertical. It doesnot align on top with the text in my first cell ( the ones with the bold text and the number in my first cell ) as seen at the first red arrow i draw upon my image. I cannot change that indentation to get it aligned. The cells as is are allready vertical aligned on top.

At the 2nd red arrow you see i made an ordered list of the first cell. Then that text jumps down to and aligns with the 2nd cell in that row. Alas i cannot change the number for that ordered list to match what i want ( 6 in this case ) and thus this is useless too.

So what i would need is better control of indentation for text in the cells and/or changing the start number of an ordered list.

Kind regards,

bullets in table

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