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Carl Fink

Am I correct that there is no way to make table borders invisible in Rise? I see no option to set them to zero thickness or white (or any other) color.

This is utterly trivial to do in HTML, why would you not add that as a menu option in Rise? If you are using a normal programming environment, it would be one line of code for your developers. OK, maybe 5 lines. Add an option to your popup-panel-non-menu that appears inside tables, the menu for border appearance, that says "invisible" or "none". Leave it visible in the editor, but not in Preview or when published. 

Carl Fink

Wow. It appears two screens away from the viewport, so it's totally invisible to the user?

On behalf of my fellow GUI designers: DON'T DO THAT! Do not hide the things we are looking for several screens away from what we are able to see. At least scroll the window to reveal it!

Thank you, Karl.