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Mar 01, 2018

Does anyone use the Teams Subscription option as a consultant?  We want to assign seats to our clients so we can work with them on projects as opposed to working as a team within one organisation.

So we would like to assign seats to say 5 different clients and work with them on their projects.  Is this possible?


Thanks in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul.  That's a great question.

When you purchase a 360 Teams subscription, we make it easy to collaborate with other Teams users.  You'll need to acquire a seat for each user.  In your scenario, you would probably need a total of 6 seats:  1 for you, and 1 for each of your 5 clients.

It looks like the Articulate ID you're using now was originally an individual subscription for Olga.  If you need some help with either switching to a Teams subscription or changing the individual subscription for a new user, please reach out to us at

We're happy to help.  😊

Brent Birdwell

After viewing the training videos on roles for Account Admins and Group Admins, I can see that different Admins can assign or delete users accordingly.  But what I can't find is what is the advantage of having multiple groups?  (Except for purchase and control of accounts)

Are the users in one group restricted from access to Team slides submitted by a different group?  That would be good.   

Example:   Where a consultant can manage groups of different clients.

- Two users on a team group account for Company A - with a consultant.

- Two users on a team group account for Company B - with a consultant.

It would be great if slides placed in the Storyline Team slides for one group would be restricted from access by the other group. 

Is this restriction possible?  Otherwise, what is the value of having multiple groups from a development perspective?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brent. Groups and group admins provide better administrative control over users who might be in different departments. The group feature doesn't restrict team content or collaboration, however. Anyone on the team, no matter their group, can see team slides and shared block templates.

I'll share your need for group-level collaboration, and we'll let you know here if we make any changes that might help!

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