Teams Subscription

Does anyone use the Teams Subscription option as a consultant?  We want to assign seats to our clients so we can work with them on projects as opposed to working as a team within one organisation.

So we would like to assign seats to say 5 different clients and work with them on their projects.  Is this possible?


Thanks in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul.  That's a great question.

When you purchase a 360 Teams subscription, we make it easy to collaborate with other Teams users.  You'll need to acquire a seat for each user.  In your scenario, you would probably need a total of 6 seats:  1 for you, and 1 for each of your 5 clients.

It looks like the Articulate ID you're using now was originally an individual subscription for Olga.  If you need some help with either switching to a Teams subscription or changing the individual subscription for a new user, please reach out to us at

We're happy to help.  😊