Text Disappearing

Nov 27, 2018

I am typing text into a Text block and the text keeps disappearing.  I have to continually retype the text in.  This problem has been happening off and on for quite a while.  I am using the Chrome browser, which improves it, but it's still happening.  This makes creating the text part of the file very frustrating and time consuming. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Nicole!

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums. Sorry you've encountered this issue! Can you please take a quick video to show us exactly what it is that's happening, so we can help you out.

You can use Articulate's Peek tool to super quickly create a screencast that's automatically uploaded to Articulate 360 and generates a hyperlink. (or use any tool you like, of course!)

You can share the video here in this thread, or if you'd like to share privately, you can send them along to our Support Engineers here. 

Nicole Neeser


Here is a video of what I just now captured.  Twice in a very short time, it just erased what I typed and moved the cursor to the place in front of the 2.  It doesn't always move the cursor, but it erases lots of text at one time.  This one was pretty minor. 


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thaabiet. I'm going to open a case with my team so we can help you further! Please reply back to the confirmation email with:

  • what browser you're using
  • what block type you're creating
  • what kind of text you're typing (plain text, website URL, email address, etc).

We will email you back with some next ideas.

Dan Purves

Hi Alyssa,

I am using Google Chrome. I haven’t tried using it in another browser, partly because that would involve getting permission from IT to install another one. The blocks that I have had an issue with so far are: paragraph; paragraph with heading; paragraph with subheading; table; and checkbox list. That’s not to say other blocks are fine – I just haven’t used them yet.

Kind regards,


Jessi French

This is happening to me repeatedly and I am not using the Chrome browser. I will be typing and my content will just delete and start me in another location of the text. Sometimes if I type out what I need in word and copy-paste I have better luck with it staying put. This is extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jessi. I get that this is frustrating - it has been difficult for our team to nail down too because it's so random. Can you let me know which browser you're using? Do you have any browser plugins or extensions? Also, does clearing the browser cache or starting a private (clean) browsing session make any difference?

Thank you!

Jessi French

Hi there! Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Chrome appears to crash and disconnect/restart and say I have no internet connection a lot more. Firefox does not do this but still has the same deletion issue. Both browsers are current and I have tried new browser windows and clearing things, even restarting computer and ensuring the Articulate application is current and I am not having any luck.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sarah,

Thanks for letting us know what's going on. So far, we haven't been able to recreate this issue on our end. Can you help me with a bit more information about what you're seeing?

  • What web browser were you using when this happened? 
  • Does the issue still happen if you switch to another browser?
  • Does the text disappear in a particular block type?
Lyra Noble

This has been happening to me randomly over the last week. I'll be typing in a paragraph block, paragraph w/ header block, or paragraph w/ subtitle block. All of a sudden, some of the text I'm typing will erase and I can't get it back. I'm using the most up-to-date Chrome browser. It happens randomly, so I am not able to get a screen recording. My organization doesn't like us using browsers other than Chrome for security reasons, so I am not sure if this random issue will occur on another browser.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Curriculum Specialist. Thanks for bringing this up. We've seen other reports of strange behavior with the cursor while editing text, and it looks like what you're seeing could be related.

This issue has been a tough one for us to catch, but we're still looking into it. If I get an update, I'll pass it along to you!

Bahader Hussain

Hi Alyssa, just wanted to make you aware that I've also experienced this issue over the last few weeks. I can see why it's so difficult to replicate as it seemingly comes and goes at random.

I was using Chrome and it seems to happen in almost all text based blocks, including scenarios, accordion along with the primary text blocks.

If you could keep us notified of any updates you get on the issue or a way to reduce/fix the problem that'd be brilliant.