Text Disappearing

Nov 27, 2018

I am typing text into a Text block and the text keeps disappearing.  I have to continually retype the text in.  This problem has been happening off and on for quite a while.  I am using the Chrome browser, which improves it, but it's still happening.  This makes creating the text part of the file very frustrating and time consuming. 

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Karl Muller

I experienced this for the first time last Friday.

I created a new block - paragraph with heading.

From my Word course content document, I copied the text for the new heading. In Rise I selected the default Heading text and pasted in the text I had just copied from Word.  Everything working great so far.

Went back to Word and next copied the text for the paragraph.

Switched over from Word to the Rise browser session again, just in time to see the text I had very recently copied and pasted revert to "Heading". 

Quite weird to see text revert  to the original with no action on my part.

Using Windows 10 and latest version of Chrome.

Now I'm wondering if this has happened in the past without me noticing it?

Patricia Wilber

🙂 thanks!!

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Gareth Pretorius



I am experiencing the same problem as all the people above. I will be typing text into a <TEXT> block and suddenly the cursor is elsewhere on the page and the text has disappeared, or the section I have just written is deleted and the cursor is back to where that text began.

I am using Chrome on Mac OS High Sierra, Ver 10.13.6

Its starting to create delays in work creation.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dawn, I'm sorry you're having issues with text in Rise 360! This has been a tough issue for our team to nail down since it is a challenge to reproduce. Would it be possible for you to record your screen so we can get a closer look at the problem you're seeing?

If that works for you, you can send the video to our team by opening a case. 

Bijan Khazai

Dear Alyssa or other staff,

Have you resolved the above issue or at least do you know anything about the source of the issue. I am now experiencing the exact same thing. And I just missed my deadline for delivering an e-learning course because I cannot use the tool right now, it just keeps deleting everything I write. Please advise how I can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bijan,

I'm sorry you ran into this! Rise 360 definitely shouldn't delete all of the text you type. Can you help me with a few more details about what you're seeing?

  • What web browser and version are you using?
  • Do you notice an improvement if you switch web browsers?
  • Have you tried clearing your browser cache?
Rand Low


I've been experience precisely the EXACT same issue as everyone has described.

  • The process of disappearing text is extremely frustrating and I am re-typing the same paragraph again and again. Please fix this issue.
  • It happens randomly.
  • It happens on Chrome and on Microsoft Edge (Using a Chromebook and  a Windows laptop).
  • It does not happen on a specific block, it happens on Paragraphs, Paragraphs with headings, etc.
  • I recommend that your team start to create a course or subject in Articulate Rise and you will definitely experience the problem.  It doesn't make sense that so many people are experiencing the same issue and the Articulate team has no idea,


Rand Low


I am experiencing the same problem in Articulate Rise and its on paragraphs, flipcards or on any text.

Text that I've typed in disappears all of a sudden or reappears.  It seems that the Articulate Rise platform is very unstable and it is frustrating.

Please let me know how to fix this problem as I'm now typing in my text into Google Docs and cutting and pasting it into Articulate Rise as a work-around; however, I do need a proper solution to this issue.


Irene Silveus

I have been having this issue to the point of considering terminating my use of Rise. Using Chrome browser. Sometimes, it even waits a few seconds after it has accepted all text and then reverts an entire paragraph back to whatever it was before. This is a deal-breaker and a pretty bad quality killer. Any update?

Lea Spille

I didn't have a problem with this before, but about two weeks ago I started this as well and it's gotten worse this week.
I finally googled this after I tried to write a caption for an image five times in a row (the only "special" character was a comma).
It's pretty much what's shown in the first screencapture except the new text at the start of the block is unformatted.

The blocks I remember this happening in are paragraphs, image captions, text and image and quiz question feedback.

Firefox 87.0, didn't try any other browser yet.

I'll try and get a screencast of it

Lyra Noble

100% have also experienced this issue getting worse this week. It's absolutely maddening. I sent in a ticket and they tried to offload it as an issue with my IT/network set up. I don't understand how many more people are needed to say this is an issue before someone at Articulate takes it seriously.

Christine McGuire

Hi All,

Is there an update on the above, please?

I'm also experiencing the same issues as everyone else has reported - I've tried (as suggested) switching browser and have even plugged in to my internet via an ethernet cable, in case it was an issue with the WiFi.

A resolution to this would be fantastic, as it's so time consuming and frustrating, to say the least!

Scott Maxwell

3 years later and it's still happening. I have a feeling it has something to do with Grammarly or other Chrome Browser plugins operating at the same time. Disabling Grammarly won't stop the text from being overridden, deleted, or shifting lines. 

Does anyone experience the same issues after completely uninstalling the Chrome Plugin?