The SL block does not work properly in Rise after publishing

Apr 17, 2019

Good afternoon,

I have prepared two Rise courses ("Зачем делать гидроизоляцию" и "Разновидности гидроизоляционных материалов"), which have the Storyline test blocks. Published the courses in scorm 1.2.
When I start the second course in IE, SL block works very strangely. It takes a long time to start, and then the loading circles hang on the screen when test questions are loading. The SL block is darkened with loading circles on the screen, but the test itself works.
In Chrome the course either does not start at all or again I have a dim screen.
I don't have such problems with the first course. I have used SL from it as a template for creating the SL test block for the second one.
I need to finish the project by next Monday, but the course does not work. Please help.

Link  to Review 360:
An at the attachment you can find screenshots.

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Mikhail Mumlev

Hi Allison.

Thank you for your answer.

Your support team contacted me about the issue. But at that moment nothing helped.

You can see that two Rise courses with almost the same SL blocks work.  I used the same SL file for creating these blocks. The difference is only in different questions banks. One works fine, and another one works with the error.


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