TinCan package integration with LearnDash

Mar 03, 2021

Can somebody point me to a resource that tells how Rise courses (exported in TinCan) can be integrated with LearnDash LMS? I am pretty new to managing LMS and looking for step-by-step instructions on how to go about it.

Does each lesson within this section (i.e. short course) should actually be a separate Tin Can / xAPI file?

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Saurabh Chauhan

Hi Rachna,

To use xAPI Content (Rise 360 or Storyline) on LearnDash, you need two more things to complete your setup:

  1. A plugin that adds xAPI support in LearnDash. It does not support it out of the box.
  2. A Learning Record Store for your xAPI Content.

You can try the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin with GrassBlade cloud LRS, it has tight integration with LearnDash LMS. 

Watch this video to see how it work?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_7NU8a2A88

You can try your test content on this demo website: https://demo.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/

Rachna Ghiya

Thanks Saurabh. This is quite helpful.

I understand that we can add the content in various formats -
In-Page: Shows the content on the page using an iframe.
Lightbox: Shows the content in a popup Lightbox.
New Window: Opens the content in a new window.

But if we create the individual lesson in LearnDash, then do we need to create lesson wise XAPI files and upload them there? Am I right?

Rachna Ghiya
Saurabh Chauhan


Also, it is one of the best practices to keep your xAPI Content and LearnDash's lesson/topic/quiz name matching, so you can easily identify.

Thanks! Is there an example that shows how a course would look using this method and the above methods? Wanted to have a look before I proceed with this one. Appreciate your support.

Saurabh Chauhan

Yes, there are many examples on this website: https://demo.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/

There is an admin login user/password, so you can upload your own content and test. (Learndash is also there, try it for free).

You can follow the video for steps, also it is connected to GrassBlade Cloud LRS, which means you can get to see all the tracking data in LRS.

Saurabh Chauhan

Hi Darren,

Based on what I understand, you are not using an LRS. So, you will need to check the package type and make sure you have exported the package as SCORM (supports resume), or HTML5.

Your xAPI content is working on the demo site because it connected to the GrassBlade Cloud LRS.

For the smooth UI, you will need to use one Rise package instead of multiple packages. For a sample lesson, you will need to split out that lesson as a separate file.

As you're already connected to the support team! So you're in good hands now.