total newb question on how rise "plays" with other articulate 360 softwares?

Apr 27, 2020

Can someone explain how rise works with other things articulate 360 creates? For instance, I was told that I cannot make a random bank of questions for a quiz in rise... but I know I can make a random bank of questions in storyline 360... so, is that what most people do? Do they build the fancy, pretty course in rise, and then when there are things needed like a large question bank that randomizes questions they would make that in storyline 360, export it, and place it within rise? I like the way rise looks but am confused on it's seeming limitations (like randomized question banks). I assume I simply don't understand the software packages enough to be able to think how this integrates with this to see that rise is actually not limited at all... unless perhaps it is? :0 I'm thinking I'm the one wrong here though and there has to be an easier answer here. Anyone to share their wisdom and insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Bilbo! Everyone is a newb with Rise when they first start, and this community is a great place to get help. 😃

Because Rise 360 uses pre-built block types, you'll experience easy, rapid development of your content. The limitations come with how much you can customize your lessons. But you hit the nail on the head -- When you really need to customize an interaction, you can add a Storyline block! This article gives a nice overview of when to use which tool.

Anytime you face a challenge, please post a question here in the community or reach out to our team. We'll be happy to help!

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