Track completion/views in Rise web link

May 05, 2022

Hi, can anyone reconfirm if there is now a way to track number of views of modules that sits on a rise web link ie not in an LMS

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Karl Muller

Hi Zoe,

The SHARE link you are using provides direct access to the development version of the Rise course. We use the SHARE link only to give access to SME reviewers involved in the development of a Rise course. 

I was referring to a web export. When you publish a Rise course from the course EXPORT page, you have three options: LMS, Web, or PDF.

If you publish for web, you create a copy of the course and place it on a web server where students can access the course.

To be clear, there is no tracking if you use either a SHARE link or a web export.

Gren Foronda

Hi Zoe!

Karl mentioned the web export option for Rise 360 courses, so I wanted to share more details on that process: Export Web-Only Output.

If you need a place to host and track your training content, check out! is an all-in-one online training system that gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze training. It includes all the authoring functionality from Rise 360, plus the ability to enroll learners in training and track their progress, all within one system.

To see it in action, head over to! You can also email the Rise team at