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Karl Muller

Hi Matthew,

If both you and the other user both have Articulate 360 Teams accounts, you can make the another person the owner of that Rise course.

If you want to retain the original version of the course, you can send the other person a copy of the course by email.

That way the original course remains intact.

Karl Muller

Hi Matthew,

Even if you have an individual account, you should still be able to send the other person a copy as follows:

  • Find the course on your Rise dashboard.
  • Move the cursor all the way to the far right of the course name.
  • Find the three dots and click on them.
  • Second option is Send a copy.
  • Enter the email address used by the other person for their Rise account.
Gren Foronda

Hi Forrest!

If you have changed the email address of your Articulate 360 (Rise 360) account through your Profile, then you should still be able to see these courses on your Rise 360 page.

However, if you have created a new Articulate 360 account using a different email address, then the only way to access the previous Rise 360 courses is to sign in to Articulate 360 (Rise 360) using this account with the original email address.

If this account with the original email address no longer occupies a seat in your Articulate 360 Teams account, please reach out to any of your Articulate 360 admins so they can allow you to take a seat (temporarily) so you can transfer these courses to your new account.

Let us know if you have questions or clarifications; we're here to help!