Translation issues with XLIFF

Aug 14, 2023

We have an in house translation team and with Storyline, sent everything to them in excel. We have not needed to use a CAT system but XLIFF only for Rise 360 looks like this is our only option. Finding something to purely handle XLIFF to allow the team to translate and share back is proving difficult or products are too advanced, require our translation team to edit with an online platform and cost more than our Articulate package to access. May honestly be more cost effective to add them to our Articulate licence to directly edit the course text themselves. Which seems ridiculous when MS formats worked fine before.  

So I have two questions: 

Does anyone have any recommendation for a file converter/editor that is not part of a larger suite of products? We were using SmartCat Forever free but that option is being withdrawn with no basic subscription model to replace what it offered.

Any plans for Articulate to offer word / excel other export options similar to what we have with Storyline for Rose 360? 

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Rick Maranta

Hi Emma, I have a friend who has created a fantastic tool for exactly what you are trying to do. I do a lot of testing on his tools that fill a lot of needs specifically for Storyline users with regard to Translation, TTS and other tasks. Articulate is very sensitive to anyone promoting anything and I don't want to run afoul. Send me a message and I will provide more info and connect you to him.