Undo action?

Sep 08, 2021

I started using Rise 360 this weekend - does the system lack an Undo button? I saved over a block of text and had to painfully recreate it.

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OPEN Pediatrics

I recently ran into the same issue where a cmnd+z function would have been extremely beneficial. And currently, the few seconds you have to cmnd+z only works on text, it doesn't even work on tables/charts. Once you've deleted a table, you have no way to retrieve it. Is there anything that can be done about this other than having to duplicate the entire module to have a copy of the previous version, anytime major edits are made????

Michel Anders

From the discussions and questions on this forum I have learned that proper undo functionality has been requested numerous times in the past. You can indeed find discussions more than two years old! 

The editor I'm typing this reply in has more undo features than Rise does ...

It sure feels that Rise is not taking its customers seriously.  Having people send in feature requests is nice, but no substitution for actually implementing basic functionality that is present in all decent software.