Undo Function in RISE

Dec 05, 2018

Any further word on recovering blocks that are accidentally deleted?  I am creating my first RISE course and I'm astounded that there doesn't seem to be a way to "undo" a mistake...a function that is common to virutally EVERY program out there!  Thanks...

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Heather Thomas

Uhhg. Any news about adding an undo feature in 2020? We are humans and we make mistakes. We need an undo/back button to recover lost work. I have not encountered any other software that does not have this feature. It's basic necessary functionality for all development tools.

Please add my name to the requested feature list.  

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Heather. There are a few ways to recover accidentally deleted content:

  • If you've accidentally deleted some text or a table in your block, you can use CTRL+Z (or CMD+Z) to undo the action.
  • When you delete a lesson or a block, you'll see an Undo button for a few seconds at the bottom left of your screen.
  • If you delete a course, it will move to the Deleted Courses folder where you have the option to recover it or to delete it permanently.

We have a request logged to make the Undo button more noticeable, and we'll let you know here if we make any changes!

Holy Pope

May I add my name to the request for a proper undo function? Software like Sharepoint stores the history of what you're doing even when you've left the app, so that if someone makes a colossal mistake, you can back up and put it right. In my case, I've come back to a Rise course I built, and someone has accidentally deleted 3/4 of the course. No way of getting it back or tracking what happened


Emma Kennedy

Thank goodness for Articulate community - Thank you.  I am not sure how but managed to delete a whole block of text .... text spent ages refining.  Quick search led me to your post - in less than 5 minutes resolved.  But yes i would like to be added to the list of requesters for a better and more visible UNDO process.