Unlocking Rise content?

Mar 13, 2017

I would love to use Rise as an interactive textbook and link to my storyline 360 modules. It would be amazing if I could build everything out then unlock content on Rise as we moved through the course. Is this possible? [FYI - I cannot afford an LMS]. Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Robin!

Glad to hear you're checking out Rise! We don't currently have a feature to lock and unlock lessons, but I'd love to hear more about your ideas. Can you perhaps explain what you were hoping to achieve though (in the event that we did support that feature)? If you let me know, I can possibly recommend a workaround or alternative solution.

Robin Wooten

I would like to use RISE as an interactive textbook and digital framework linking to my storyline 360 modules. It will be a digital companion to my in-person course, therefore I would like RISE to open up as we progress through the in-person class. I do not want some content to appear in RISE until after the in-class experience since I intend to also put in virtual experiences that simulate the in-class experiences, e.g. labs, modeling, white boarding, etc to help with sense making of our in-class experiences and assist those who were not able to attend. I do not want students (unless they cannot attend class) to get answers because they "read" them or did virtual labs but because they have seen, felt, and experienced it themselves. More importantly, I do not want students who have gone forward in RISE to blurt out the "answers" to other students as they are doing the in-class labs robbing them of their chance to experience and process it themselves,

I know I could make a series of RISE lessons but then the content would be disjointed and I would lose the great benefit of having all the content in one place making it easy for students to review past lessons - (trust me if it takes an extra click, they won't do it). I could continually update my RISE course and delete access to previous ones but that would also wipe away the students progression data in RISE which is very valuable. Consequently, I know it is difficult but I would like to be able unlock RISE content in line with my in-person class.

Just dreaming of perfection....

Alyssa Gomez

I hear you, Robin. I completely understand that it would benefit both you and your students to keep all of the content in one place. Have you considered creating one "master" Rise course, which would link to other "sub" Rise courses? You could password-protect the "sub" Rise courses, and give your students the passwords as you are ready for them to access the content. That way you could build out all of your content ahead of time, but your students would not be able to access the content unless they had the password. 

Suzanne Ensmann

Certainly! I do a lot of work though and this doesn't say what you're replying to so what course is it that you want me to share?

Best Regards,

Dr. Suzanne Ensmann
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Allison LaMotte
Suzanne Ensmann

Dear Alyssa,

What would be the smoothest transition for something like this? I did this with my Navigational Design Lesson in my IDT course but it looks disjointed as it's simply added by a link. https://rise.articulate.com/author/13YCCVZTf_X4KfeBfAXJTyTaA0TuH6Eb#/author/course/preview Thanks for your expertise!

Hi Suzanne, 

I was replying to the above message. I hope that helps jog your memory! :) 

Also, just thought I'd point out that when you respond directly from your email, your signature is appended to the message. You may want to pop in there and edit out any personal information that you don't want to share with the community.

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