Is it possible to Storyline interactions as content in Rise

Nov 10, 2016

Rise has some nice interactivity features, but it is not comparable with what is possible in Storyline. A nice feature would be to produce content in Rise and be able to use elaborated interactive slides produced in Storyline and put it into the Rise flow as an object.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi P-O E, 

You could link to that content using the URL/Embed code options for multimedia if it were hosted somewhere else publicly such as an Amazon S3 site or even within Articulate Review. It'll open outside your Rise course, so as Adam mentioned it won't carry over the responsive elements you're experiencing within Rise. 


Thank you for elaborating this, Ashley,

I guess that it is something like what you are implying that I mean, but I am not sure that I follow you entirely how it should be made.

  • Hosted asset
    Could it be any website URL accessible from the published content?
  • Articulate Review
    If one publish the SL content to Articulate 360 and then make it available by the URL produced by Review, could that URL be used as a web object in Rise? It would then be perfect to have an feature tailored by means of Review to host this, i.e. all GUI pieces of Review except the published content and a frame should be taken away for this service.

For the responsive experience, I recon it will be up to the producer to layout things in the Storyline made interaction so that it is visible in the smallest targeted device. I see the total content area of the SL interaction as a displayed video, but with interactive features.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi P-O E, 

Yup - any website URL or embed code should be something you could embed in a Rise course. Although when I was playing around with this, what I saw was a link to a Storyline course published up to Articulate Review caused it to open in a new tab outside of Articulate Review.  So it wouldn't be able tailoring it to fit within the Frame and the responsive UI. That's the part where Adam mentioned it being something we're evaluating but has a lot  of things we'd need to investigate and consider. 

If you link to a published SL3 course and it opens in a new tab or new window, then we'll rely on the responsive player. So you don't have to think about the smallest device necessarily, but ensuring that things look as you'd like based on the inner workings described here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cody,

It's still on the road map to be able to embed or import a Storyline course directly into Rise, but in the meantime you could do it with some simple iFrame code. When you've published your Storyline course and placed it on a web server, take that URL and put it inside this iframe code within your Rise course:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the story.html Here"></iframe>

and you'll use that in the URL/Embed lesson or the Embed block type. 

Hope that helps and we'll keep you posted on the feature as well!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sally,

Since Rise uses secure https, embedded content must also use https to work properly. Make sure the source URL for your content starts with https—assuming the website that hosts your content supports it.

If your URL starts with https and your embedded content is still missing in Rise, test the URL in this security checker. Sometimes the hosting site is secure but the content itself isn't. The security checker will let you know.

Hope that helps! 

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