Urgent 2 issues : Rise 360 - upload of Mp4 file error and publishing Storyline file to review 360 to use as an added stoyline block in rise

Jun 28, 2020

Hi Team 

Urgent assistance required on two issues - same course.

First issue unable to load an mp4 animation video into rise 360 course I am building (mp4 is 3 min long - animation was built in Vyond software - published to mp4 file to then be used in rise).

I have tested our other animations built in Vyond and they loaded into the existing rise course and played fine. So I am not sure what the issue could be. The mp4 video on its own, plays fine with no errors.

Second Issue came about as I have been looking for a workaround with the above issue -

I embedded the above mp4 file into a single storyline slide - previewed it it played fine - then went to the player and turned off functionality (as required for rise) so I could publish it to review 360 , then the idea was to add and test the storyline block showing the mp4 in my Rise 360 course.

However I just keep getting error message when attempting to publish to Review 360 - stating possible internet connection issue?There is no internet connection issue as ran tests on this also, and am currently on the internet now. 

Any help to resolve this in a timely manner is much appreciated.



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Lee Miller

Hi Karl - thanks for checking in - we renamed the file to just Test to see if this was in issue but it still would not load. Will try to save it to another format and see if Rise will take it then. When we chopped the video down from 3 minutes to 7 seconds - strangely it uploaded. So there must be something setting off Rise  - the mp4 file itself plays fine no errors - just will not load.

Lee Miller

Hi All,

I have been able to now load the mp4 into RISE -YAY after multiple testing yesterday and half day today (not yay) I had to use adobe to render it to a lower quality split the mp4 into two files -test them in rise , happily both halves uploaded fine .

So then restitched the mp4 back and exported to lower res and Rise accepted that..  Would love to know what on earth was going on. A lot of time spent to get a 3 min mp4 loaded.

I think there is an opportunity for an error description to be provided by RISE 360 as it may help the forum work together for a solution next time? 

Crystal Horn

Hi Lee. I'm glad you got your video working, but I'm sorry you had to spend so much time troubleshooting.

If you're interested, you can privately share your original video file with us by clicking here, and we can do some testing on our end to figure out what happened. We'll delete everything when we're done troubleshooting.

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