Using a Pre-Test to Guide Learning

Mar 11, 2021

A pre-test can set the stage for your online training and give learners a preview of what's to come in the course. You may also want to use a pre-test to allow learners to bypass course content based on their score. 

In this example, Trina created a next-steps lesson to give learners three options for how to proceed after completing the pre-test. She hid the sidebar menu and used a button stack block to design this eye-catching branching interaction. 

Quiz: The Myths and Facts of Employee Engagement

Click here to read more about how she created this project in 5 steps. 

Why and How I Created This Pre-Test in Rise 360

Now we'd love to hear from you! Tell us how you've used pre-tests in your Rise 360 courses, and share some tips for other designers who may want to try this in their next e-learning project!

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Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services

Is there any way to force a direction / not allow some users to bypass content? This situation puts the responsibility of choosing the correct path on a user based on their score. A user could simply choose a path they wanted, not one that corresponds with their score.

Bunni Fuller

Hello, I'm interested in this too and would like to be notified if a branching solution is implemented, We are a large organization with a pretty comprehensive annual compliance requirement. Our existing colleagues have the option to "test-out" of sections, whereas new colleagues are required to review all content. As of now we're using Storyline 2 to build the test/learning content using branch logic and importing those modules into Rise. Problem is we also need a solution for close captioning. The cc tool in Storyline is ok for straight text, but not real conducive to apply for slide interactions and tests. Microsoft Edge (our browser) has a Read Aloud tool that works great with Rise, but it doesn't  read the Storyline imports. If we can build everything in Rise using the needed branch logic that would allow a user to test out and move tot he next section it would be a real crowd pleaser.

Nina Nutsch

Hi Bunni, I'm looking for a solution to do exactly the same. I have created a compliance module in Rise and would like to give existing colleagues to "jump" content if they a get a certain score with pre-test questions. How exactly do you build the branch logic in storyline? Any tipp is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance, Nina

Kelly Auner

Hi Nina, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

We currently have a feature request logged for the ability to add a pre-test in Rise 360. I'll be sure to add your vote and update this discussion should this make it onto our feature roadmap.

Here are some resources that may help you build a branching scenario:

I hope this helps!

Diane Olsen

I have also requested a pre-test feature. I tried to implement a work around similar to Trina's but she doesn't show her quiz settings. I can't seem to get the quiz to let me continue without the learner getting a passing score. I get a locked Continue button that says "Must pass assessment before continuing. Does anyone have any insight into this issue>

Katie Nickischer

Is there any update on how we can force specific outcomes (retake course if they fail pre-test) or complete (if they pass pre-test).  It looks great with the buttons, but this is like a choose your own adventure. I need to ensure they retake the content if they fail, not just get to take the quiz over and over!

Hannah Bell

We have a lot of use cases for a pre-test too- specifically one that links to the skill you need to work on, instead of an overall percentage score. So for example you seem to have great understanding of A and B but failed at understanding C and D, therefore we'll take you through some content about C and D.