Using a Pre-Test to Guide Learning

Mar 11, 2021

A pre-test can set the stage for your online training and give learners a preview of what's to come in the course. You may also want to use a pre-test to allow learners to bypass course content based on their score. 

In this example, Trina created a next-steps lesson to give learners three options for how to proceed after completing the pre-test. She hid the sidebar menu and used a button stack block to design this eye-catching branching interaction. 

Quiz: The Myths and Facts of Employee Engagement

Click here to read more about how she created this project in 5 steps. 

Why and How I Created This Pre-Test in Rise 360

Now we'd love to hear from you! Tell us how you've used pre-tests in your Rise 360 courses, and share some tips for other designers who may want to try this in their next e-learning project!

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