Using Checkbox List as Attestation

May 10, 2022


Would welcome opinions and ideas on this.  I'm creating a compliance related course (in Rise) that, at the end, I want a tick box attestation to acknowledge that they understand their responsibilities.  I used a one-line check list to achieve this with a divider below indicating that the box must be ticked to continue.

It works well! However, I've noticed that after ticking the box to continue, it can actually be unticked, and whilst I appreciate that there will be no evidence that someone did this, I wonder if there's a better way to achieve the same thing.

Thank you.


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Karl Muller

Hi Andrew,

Be aware that Rise does not save Checkbox states.

So there will be no record of which checkbox the person selected.

From previous posts about this topic, some people have created a Quiz with a single question, as quiz results are sent to the LMS.

You may want to look at a solution to save checkbox states provided in this post: 

Andrew Longson

Thanks Karl.  That's the reason for the post because I knew that it wouldn't be saved.  As it's a compliance course there is a quiz anyway that they must pass and they must click the checkbox in order to get to the quiz.

I'm just aware that they must click the box to reveal the continue button but then if they uncheck it, the continue button remains.

I think in most cases it will be okay but there's always one that will uncheck it and take a screenshot!

I'll take a look at the article. Thanks again.