Using Storyline Blocks for testing

Hi there,

I'm creating an online course for my company and wanted to use an interactive storyline block as the final test.  It appears from research that a couple necessary functions don't exist for this to be done efficiently.  

Anyway, I'll put in a feature request but I figured I'd post my findings as a post as well in case others were looking to do similar things.

1. Storyline allows for you to create a timed test and get a results slide with their percentage.  You can choose use storyline block as the recording option for your LMS (I use SCORM 1.2).  However, if I want to give participants a grade I need to know what that score is, not just pass/fail or complete/incomplete.  This ability would be very helpful.

My current workaround is having them print their results as a PDF and email their instructor.

2. In addition, if I want a storyline block to be a final test, then I don't want the learners to be able to take unlimited attempts.  I set up buttons in the Storyline block to allow for 1 extra attempt, unfortunately the storyline block refreshes when they revisit the page.  In other words, I can't actually limit the number of attempts.

If I missed something and either of these are possible somehow, that would be great!  Otherwise, this is my informal request.  Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Kyle!

You actually can track the Storyline Block quiz score in a Rise 360 course. Just choose the quiz tracking option when you publish from Storyline to Review 360, and then choose to track the Rise course by the Storyline blockIn that scenario, the quiz score will be sent to the LMS, but question-level details aren't sent to the LMS for Storyline blocks.

You are correct that the Storyline block will start over from the beginning each time the learner refreshes their browser window. Because of that, there isn't a way to prevent the learner from re-taking the Storyline block quiz.

Let me know if you have more questions about that!

Kyle Yates

Hey Alyssa,

It sounds like my issue on the first part might be due to my LMS (Success Factors).  I tested in SCORM Cloud and got the information I was looking for but in my LMS it only reports pass/fail.  It appears someone else had this issue too.

Anyway, I'm going to contact them. 

Thanks for the response!