Vertical videos 9:16 in Rise without use a SL Block

Aug 05, 2022

Hi all, is there a way to make Rise display vertical videos (16:9) correctly when viewed on a mobile device? More and more content is being recorded in portrait mode on mobile phones by the contributors of the the courses, but vertical videos in Rise appear small in a wide horizontal player when viewed on a mobile device in portrait mode.

In the past we used a Storyline Block with the video and it was working, but with this update of Rise, the block now have some problems and the full screen button did not work, any help?


Video on SL Block, not working button full screen

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Naama, 

We're still working on adding a feature to toggle the video orientation option in video blocks to display videos in Portrait (Vertical) Mode. You can check our product roadmap to see which feature are in the works, and we'll also let you know when we have any new updates to share!