Vertical videos 9:16 in Rise

Feb 19, 2021

Hi all, is there a way to make Rise display vertical videos (16:9) correctly when viewed on a mobile device? More and more content is being recorded in portrait mode on mobile phones by the contributors of the the courses, but vertical videos in Rise appear small in a wide horizontal player when viewed on a mobile device in portrait mode.

If not, are there any plans to support this format of video (a vertical player perhaps rather than just a horizontal player)? It appears to be increasingly popular these days with social media and more people viewing content on their mobile devices.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Johnny. The video player should allow your learners to view the video in full screen using this icon:

I would add a note for your learners to use the full screen option either in the video block caption or in a text block right above the video. We don't have plans to change the video player for now, but we'll keep our eyes on this trend!