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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gloria. There isn't a feature in Rise 360 to require a specific orientation. Here's why it's different than Storyline 360: Since Rise 360 lesson content is fully responsive, it should look great no matter the orientation. The content will resize to make the best use of the screen space. With Storyline 360, the slide content doesn't respond, and it might be too small depending on the orientation of a smaller mobile screen.

Are you still seeing the message to rotate the device in the Storyline block in Rise?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Gloria!

Storyline 360 has an option that will restrict playback in Portrait-only or Landscape-only. When that is enabled, learners will see a message that says, "Rotate your device to landscape/portrait to view the course."

However, this option isn't available in Rise 360 because Rise courses resize to fit any device beautifully. Storyline blocks always rotate with the Rise 360 courses where they're embedded, giving learners an intuitive experience on mobile devices.