Video Completion

Mar 06, 2018

Is there a way to restrict a Rise lesson to ensure the users finish (or at least click to start) watching a video before they are allowed to continue to the next lesson? 

Right now, as soon as a learner clicks on the lesson with the video, it displays complete without the learner clicking play to view the media. 

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Andrew Welsh


Thanks for the update. I hope that you can help me - I have been asked to create a quiz which is only active once the accompanying video has been watched. How is the best way to do this using the Continue block feature within Rise. Alternatively, am I best using Storyline to create this by making a NEXT button or GO TO QUIZ button visible once the video clip has elapsed?



Crystal Horn

Hey Andrew!  I think you're headed in the right direction.  You can set your video to disable seeking, and then add a Continue button right beneath.  Make sure your continue button requires the block above to be complete.  Add restricted navigation and you're all set!

Check out what this would look like to a learner here.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Michelle,

What feature are you referring to? If you're just looking to make sure learners view a video before they move on, then yes, that's possible.

Just set your video to disable seeking and add a Continue button below it. Then, change the continue block settings to "complete block directly above" (see tutorial).  You'll also want to make sure to set your course navigation to restricted so learners can't bypass the video that way. 

If that's not the feature you're referring to, let me know and we'll go from there.

Linda Tant

Forward seeking works for videos you upload but not for embed links from vinemo, youtube, etc...Is there a way to capture the event from the embed video upon completion of the that the Continue block can be used?...using block settings to "complete block directly above"...this way the video has to be viewed before it is considered 100% completed.    The feature that has been added is great for a video that is imported directly into RISE...but I am really looking for a way to embed the video and somehow know that video completed through some event that is thrown back to that the block Continue option can be utilized in the same manner etc.   

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Eric!

If your video is uploaded to Rise 360 in a video block, you can set your video to disable forward seeking, and then add a Continue button right beneath.  Make sure your continue button requires the block above to be complete.  

If the video is hosted elsewhere like Youtube or Vimeo, Rise 360 cannot control the forward-seeking. 

Kevin Hug

Is there a way to bookmark within the video itself using an LMS?  We have training courses built in Rise that include lengthy videos with forward seeking disabled.  So, if someone leaves the training halfway through the video then revisits the course later to receive completion, is there a way to avoid them having them watch the video from the start?

Nancy Gleaton

This doesn't seem to work. I have an embedded video (Multimedia, Embed), followed by a CONTINUE block, but as soon as the lesson starts the CONTINUE button displays even though the video hasn't even been started. And when I display the menu, the lesson shows as already completed as soon as the lesson is started. What am I doing wrong?