Video Completion

Mar 06, 2018

Is there a way to restrict a Rise lesson to ensure the users finish (or at least click to start) watching a video before they are allowed to continue to the next lesson? 

Right now, as soon as a learner clicks on the lesson with the video, it displays complete without the learner clicking play to view the media. 

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Holley Berley

Hi Nancy, I don't think this will work on embedded videos since they are not hosted in Rise.  A way around this is to embed the video in Storyline, and add a trigger that marks the course as complete after however many seconds long the video is.  When exporting from Storyline, make sure that the tracking is set to "course completion."  Hope that helps!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nancy. Overall, I think you're right that it can be challenging to enforce watching a video. Some designers have added a knowledge check or a short quiz to get learners engaged with the video content. You could do that in either the Storyline component or in Rise 360.

Let us know how your final design comes out!

Nancy Gleaton

I have a MULTIMEDIA/EMBED block that streams a video from Vimeo, followed by a CONTINUE block, The CONTINUE block is set to completion type NONE because in this case, the learner is permitted to bypass the video if they choose to proceed directly to a quiz. However, when the course is started, the lesson with the embedded video shows as about 66% complete on the progress wheel before any actions are taken. Why?

Nancy Gleaton

Hmm... I was using the VIDEO block and uploading, but some of the videos are way long and a lot of the times won't upload because they time out, or take forever to upload. Also, if the video is updated, I didn't want to have to change every upload (and I'll have hundreds). Using EMBED allows me to update the Vimeo library and Rise will stream whatever is current. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nancy,

The progress indicator will update as each block is revealed on screen.

For example, let's say your lesson has these three blocks:

  1. Text Block
  2. Embed Block or Video Block
  3. Continue Button

In this example, the progress indicator will show 66% complete as soon as the lesson is open. Clicking the Continue button will move the progress to 100%, then take the learner to the next lesson. 

Alyssa Gomez

You got it, Nancy! That's exactly right. 

Keep in mind the percentage doesn't depend on the learner watching the video. Even if you were using a Video block, it would still show as 66% complete. The progress indicator updates as the blocks come into view on the screen, even if the learner has not interacted with the blocks. 

Let me know if you have more questions about that!

Scott Wilson

Hey Nancy, I take it that you didn't get a solution to Rise detecting a Vimeo as complete? 

I'm currently trialling Rise and this is a big thing for me too. Huge Vimeo library. We currently use Knowbly which is very similar and does support this but funny enough the vimeo player controls such as quality and speed are blocked out.

Hard to get an app that can do everything right :'( 

Lea Agato

Hello Scott! Are you adding your videos as embedded web content in Rise? Since embedded video are viewed outside Rise, there isn't a way for Rise to track if the user completes the video.  If you are able to download a copy of your video you can add them directly into Rise using a Multimedia > Video block. This way, you can use a continue block to make sure your user completed the video before moving forward with the rest of your course. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, C! 

In most cases, a learner can seek using the video playbar after they watched the video the first time through. It depends on where your course is hosted.

  • If your course is hosted in an LMS, learners can fast-forward after watching the entire video, even if they close the course and launch it again later.
  • If your course is hosted on a web server or you're using the shareable web link, learners can fast-forward after watching the entire video until they close the course. If learners close the course and launch it again later, forward seeking will be disabled again until they watch the entire video once more.

Let me know if that answers your question!

Tim St. Clair

Being able to calculate the watch time or completion of a Vimeo video would be a great addition. Vimeo have had a public javascript library ( available for this exact purpose - tracking videos inside embeds -  for about 8 years now. YouTube also have a similar Javascript library ( These code-based solutions give developers access to knowing when a video has been played, how much has been played, and when it has ended - which would be perfect for knowing when to release the Continue button. It's a shame that Articulate have never chosen to included it, always opting for the less bandwidth friendly "upload" option. 

Tom Allmark

Ive tested the workaround mentioned within post with regard to forcing learners to watch 100% of video, by adding a "Continue" block, setting this to only allow click on completion of block above, then setting video to not allow forward seeking. The issue I have is that on revisit to the video content, learners are still not offered the facility to forward seek within the video content. So, the workaround is not great for learners revisiting content.

Is there a solution to this issue still coming at all?

We really need to be able to set percentage completion in the video block, in order to provide a reasonable learner experience.

Tom Allmark

Hi Adam,
The issue with Continue blocks is, once you have set the video to not allow seeking, learners which return to the content have no option to seek when reviewing the video content. 

Which means they have to watch the content in full rather than skipping to the section they need within a 10 or 15 minute system tutorial.