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Matt Burgon

Sorry Alyssa, I forgot to mention that the videos have closed captions, so they were created in Storyline, then imported into Rise as a Storyline file. When the user plays the video there is the option to have the cc if required.

I have found a workaround, which is to have a Play button, then to click the video afterwards. In Preview you have to click x2 times, but when published as a Scorm you only have to click once.

Where the videos were playing automatically, you now only have to click once. Not an ideal solution but one that works for now.


ioulía  (Pronounced: "e.u. LEE-ya")


I'm having a similar problem.  I created two short storyline files (.story).  I published them both into Review 360 as the instructions show here: https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Use-Storyline-Blocks-to-Embed-Storyline-360-Courses and added them into my Rise course (in 2 separate blocks).

There are TWO odd things happening:

1) When I preview the entire course in Chrome, both videos have a play button, and they don't play until the user clicks it. (GOOD!)  But when I preview in IE, both videos begin playing automatically.  And because there are no "controls" on them, there's no way to stop them.

2) When I publish the Rise course into our LMS (Adobe Captivate Prime), and I open the course through the LMS using Chrome, the first video is fine, but the second video plays automatically.  When I open the course through the LMS using IE, BOTH videos play automatically.

Any thoughts on how to stop this?  I can think of a workaround which is to put a NEXT button before the video so at least it won't start playing until the user has read the block before, but still...the video shouldn't be playing automatically.  Let me know if I should send you the file in some way.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ioulia! There are a few factors at play:

To make a consistent experience for learners on all browsers, here's what I'd recommend:

If the first Storyline block includes audio or video that automatically plays, include an intro slide to allow the learner to initiate that media. To prevent subsequent Storyline blocks from playing at the same time, you can either include an intro slide or use a Continue button block in the Rise 360 lesson. Using a continue button will keep content hidden until the learner chooses to continue.

Does that help?

ioulía  (Pronounced: "e.u. LEE-ya")

Hi there!

Yes, it helps. I thought I read that videos do NOT play automatically in Rise, but I guess that was for NON-storyline imported content.

I still don't know why one of my storyline files was autoplaying and one was not (when previewing in IE) since they both have me talking immediately. Regardless, I figured an easily solution was to just put the Continue button before the block (which you confirmed) - and all is well!

Thank you!