Video replay after course completion on Litmos

May 13, 2022

Hi all,

I am building my courses with Rise and then uploading them to my Litmos LMS system.

My question:

How do I restrict navigation and disable fast forward for learners when they are first completing the course, BUT enable fast forward and free navigation once they complete the course?

i.e. they want to go back and review one or two of the video modules, but not watch the entire 20 minute video. 

I've got the restrict navigation and disable fast forward set - but can't figure out the replay. 

I've found this support article, but it isn't working when I test the course on SCORM Cloud or on Litmos. (

"Can learners fast-forward a video the next time they view it?

In most cases, yes. It depends on where your course is hosted.

  • If your course is hosted in an LMS, learners can fast-forward after watching the entire video, even if they close the course and launch it again later."


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