New feature in Rise: Disable forward seeking

We just released a new feature in Rise that I’m excited to share with all of you! Now you can prevent learners from forwarding through videos in your course by disabling forward seeking. Learners can pause and go backward through the video, but not forward. This new feature is great for compliance courses and any other course with required video content since it prevents learners from skipping ahead.

Watch this video from CTO Arlyn Asch to learn all about disabling forward seeking:



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Trina Rimmer

Hi Sam. Yes, if you don't want learners to skip over the video altogether (e.g. for compliance training) you will need to use continue block with the setting to restrict the learner from progressing until they've completed the block directly above along with disabling forward seeking.

In terms of informing learners of this constraint, I think that's a good call. You could customize the hint text on the continue block to say something like, "You must watch the entire video before moving on" to give folks a heads up.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Rhoda. Great question. Once a learner has watched the entire video, they can fast-forward the next time they view it. If they launch the course again later, forward seeking will be disabled until they watch the entire video once more. Here's an article that goes into more detail: 

Will Findlay

It seems like a good recommendation is to only use this with relatively short videos. For example, imagine a learner getting halfway through a 30 minute video and then exiting out of the course. They are not going to be happy when they restart the course and find that they have to rewatch the first 15 minutes of the video.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Will. I agree. I think keeping videos on the shorter side is a good idea, in general. Chunking that 30-minute video into five or six short videos makes it a little easier for people to absorb. It's also a smart approach for supporting learners in low-bandwidth settings where downloading and watching a 30-minute video would be really challenging. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peacock Learning, 

If you've added a video directly into Rise it'll be packaged as a part of your export and then will live where you host the content. 

If you're embedding in video content using a site such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc. the video is hosted on those sites and only linked within the Rise course. 

Hope that helps! 

Alexander Covan

This could be quite useful, I think it is the first time I've seen an off the shelf e-learning product support restricted video navigation. 

It sounds like, depending on the LMS, your position in the video may or may not be tracked if you leave the course and return at a different time, on a different device. Is that correct? Is there any way to provide a list of LMS platforms that support this type of tracking?

Alexander Covan

Hopefully this will also be added to Storyline. 
Compliance departments are always asking for this kind of functionality on video.

With short enough video chunks, it's not such a burden to re-watch a few minutes if you leave half way through. In fact, it can be sold as a logical feature, since the learner stepped away from a 5-10 minute video and should really start that chunk again for continuity.

Daniel Beatty

I love all the accessibility features Articulate has added to Storyline 360 suite, and a personal fav of mine is the closed caption toggle on/off button in SL 3. I would absolutely LOVE to see the same option with RISE. While yes it would be great to be able to manually add CCs to a video using the interface like you can currently with SL3, I would absolutely settle for being able to manually upload a CC file (.srt, for ex) and have the video player interface then include a CC on/off toggle button. I will make this feature request. Thanks. 

Tania Welgemoed



Can someone help,

I am busy with simulations in storyline 360, a student can go through the simulation and can click to go to next to go through them. When you click to home button to go back home and start over it fast forward and takes you back to where you stopped. is there a way to disable that fast forward function? 


Thank you