Video Scrub/Seek bar in Rise

Really enjoying the 360 Suite Demo. Great job Articulate! Quick question - is there a plan on the horizon, or would it even be possible, to be able to lock down a video's scrub/seek bar on restricted navigation courses in Rise? I really like the way Rise implements restricted navigation but you can still scrub forward on videos in order to quickly get to the next lesson.

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Tanner Swenson

This is one of the biggest roadblocks we have currently for moving into Rise instead of going with Captivate. We want to deploy Rise for a few thousand of our employees so that they can review the eLearning content on a mobile device, but locking down the navigation is completely useless if they can immediately scroll to the end of the video to move on to the next slide. 

Any timeline on when we could expect this feature? We need to put forward a proposal next week for our Director and if the videos can't be properly locked down, we're afraid it will be a veto for Rise. We are really looking forward to working with Rise so any information on when this might be expected is very useful. 

Dennis Hill

I am in the same boat.

I am finding building a course in Rise is saving time, but, my clients want to see the video locked.

Why not lock it by providing an option to hide the seek bar? I would have thought that would be super quick to implement and whilst it may not be the best fix longer term it would fix the issue temporarily whilst a better fix was found.

I also have another course to develop, but it requires approval from a Government Authority, and they will not approve it whilst you can scrub the video.

Other enhancements: More control over colour of text on everything (clients want to see their branding including colour). Ability to add custom colours to a palette, options to reset the course on quiz grade (below xx% start again).

Rise is great, but I can see it a whole lot better down the track.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dennis,

So glad to hear you're loving Rise! And I agree with you--thanks to customer feedback, it's only getting better as time goes on. 

Although there isn't a feature that will allow you to hide video controls in Rise, there is an easy way to work around this using a Storyline Block!

  1. First, upload the video to a new Storyline 360 file. Be sure that the video controls are turned off.
  2. Publish the Storyline 360 slide to Articulate 360. 
  3. In Rise, edit an existing blocks lesson or create a new one.
  4. Insert an interactive Storyline block.
  5. Click the Browse Articulate 360 button in the Storyline block.
  6. Select the Storyline course with the video from your Articulate 360 projects.

I also wanted to touch on the other enhancements you listed. 

  • Control over color: Rise has a text formatting toolbar that will allow you to change text color. Is there a specific lesson or block type that you want more control over?
  • Add custom colors: Rise provides an option for custom colors under Settings >> Customize Theme. 

  • Restart the course based on quiz grade: Can you tell me a little more about what you're looking for here? Also, are you deploying the course on a LMS? This may a setting your LMS offers. 
Dennis Hill


Thanks for the response,

I note the Storyline work around.

It is a bit disappointing though as when we do it this way the control over size is not great (Medium with SL is not the same size as medium for a video), and the SL window is cropped somehow. I have pasted a small section of a SL player in the screenshot below, it has a green border all the way around the player, but in Rise it is cropped slightly. Changing the padding does not seem to make any difference as padding is applied to top and bottom only. Interestingly the border comes back at 'Medium', and, 'Fullwidth' setting. But not at small which is what looks best for what I am doing and expected screen sizes of the end user.

When changing the size of the SL object from small to medium the size difference is quite a lot and seems to take up too much space even on a large screen. The size of the video in medium seems to work great.

I can not change the text colour of the main heading on a lesson page. Image below shows a black heading, the client would prefer to use their own branding colour which is a Teal green as shown in the line under the heading. I can not see a way of changing this.

Also, when applying a custom colour in some parts of rise there is no way to add it to a custom palette and save it. Therefore I need to insert the hex value over and over.

I have customized the theme as far as possible.

Quiz. If i wanted to do the whole thing in Rise i am not sure i can achieve the outcome. One course i am developing is a Dangerous Goods course for the Aviation industry. It requires approval from the Government Authority. They have legislation over the course, its content and the final exam. They also would like to see a exam mark below 50% trigger a complete reset of the course. An exam mark of 51%-80% trigger a second attempt at the exam, with a max of 3 attempts before a reset. 80% or more is a pass. I am even finding most LMS will not handle this although I could find a developer to write some code as a custom fix on my Learndash LMS. More $$$$ that i don't really want to spend on top of all the monthly subscription fees I already pay. I have not played around with the SL exams enough just yet, but could probably build some triggers/variables in that to help, but it would probably mean that the whole course is developed in SL, which then makes Rise useless except for playing the SL player in, which is probably a bit silly as the LMS can launch the SCORM or Tin Can package.

The main reason I would like to use Rise is the speed. Once I have everything ready, I can set up a course in Rise extremely quick, which results in less expense for my clients. Doing the same thing in SL takes a lot longer. I also love the way rise looks and feels on the LMS.



Crystal Horn

Hey Dennis, and thanks for that thoughtful reply.  I see what you're saying regarding those customizations you noted, especially with label text and color palettes.

You're definitely right about the speed and beauty of course creating in Rise -- there's no match.  Storyline offers a bit more when you need to fully customize your course and exercise more control over your content.  Here's a little guidance on when you might use one over the other.

That said, I'll be sure to get your thoughts into a feature request so we can continue to grow the Rise toolkit!

Dennis Hill


Just a comment on the Video work-around using SL 360. In using this method can we still have a visual timeline so the user can see how long the video goes for? I note I have to turn off the video controls to stop the user scrubbing forward. The seek bar in SL360 does not seem to track the length of the video? EDIT: After a few attempts the seek bar is now tracking.

Additionally, can Articulate provide information as to what CSS code could be removed from the output files to remove the Video timeline so as to prevent the user clicking on it to scrub it forward?



Dennis Hill


I appreciate the time you spent supplying the video, and its a good work around. Unfortunately I have wasted a days work getting videos prepared in this manner only to find its useless as when you upload the SL file to Rise the 'Continue' divider does not block a SL file, so the learner, whilst no longer able to scrub the video, can just ignore it altogether and move onto the next lesson.

I have spent 2 weeks building a Rise project that my client will now not approve as the navigation can just not be locked down to a sufficient level. I need to be able to use the continue block on video and Storyline files.

I am very surprised at this as surely no one wants a learner moving through a course without actually watching anything. I just navigated through a 30 minute course in around 2 mins by either scrubbing video or just ignoring Storyline content.

Is there a way that Rise can be locked so we can not:

  1. Fast forward through a video without watching it
  2. Ignore a Storyline interaction altogether

I am really disappointed.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dennis,

I completely understand where you're coming from, and we've heard very similar feedback from other customers. The good news is, we're working on a new feature right now that solves this very problem.

The feature is a Storyline Course Completion Trigger that communicates with the Rise Continue Block. 

For your course, you can set this Storyline trigger to "complete" when the video ends. With that setting, the Continue Block will not allow the learner to move forward in the lesson until the video ends, preventing the learner from skipping content. 

This feature is still in the works, and as soon as we roll it out, I'll let you know. You'll be notified immediately since you're now subscribed to this thread. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks!

You've asked for the ability to restrict learners from moving past a Storyline block in Rise without completing it first, and we're listening. 

We just released a new feature that will allow you to choose a tracking option for Storyline courses when you publish to Articulate 360. This lets you control navigation in Rise lessons by requiring learners to complete Storyline blocks before moving on. Check out the details here!

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let me know if you have any questions about that!

Dennis Hill


I am of the opinion that this should have been fixed before the release of Rise to the market. I have lost a lot of work recently due to this, and due to Storyline taking a lot longer to develop in compared to Rise. Clients have been moving to learning developers that are using Elucidat.

You can remove some CSS from the output files of Rise which fixes the issue, but I have not fully tested it as I have no idea about CSS. I used Firefox Developer Edition to play around with the code.

Lets hope its fixed soon.