Voiceovers required for Rise 360 courses

Apr 23, 2024


I can't get my head around how I can have audio throughout a Rise 360 course, making it accessible for those with vision issues.

Can anyone help, please?

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Steven Benassi

Hi Deborah!

Glad to see Phil has been helping you!

Rise 360 allows you to add audio in an Audio Block. You can record the audio yourself, or upload an audio file from your computer. The Labeled Graphic, Process, and Timeline Blocks also support the option to add audio. However, audio will not play automatically, so learners must click the play button to listen to the narration. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Deborah,

I wanted to clarify that the audio block only adds a single audio file to a course, it can't add voiceover or background audio to other blocks. This is what it looks like for your reference:

I've added your voice to a feature request we have open for adding background audio in a Rise 360 course. We'll let you know when it makes it to our product roadmap

I also wanted to share this article which includes some tips on designing accessible Rise 360 courses that might interest you.

Hope this helps!