web only export not working in Safari

Mar 06, 2018

I've just finished a course in Rise and very happy that it is cross platform for content creation.

Sadly, When I export the course as no LMS-Web only, it will not play in Safari v11.1. Is this a known issue or could it be something I'm doing?


If I use the "SHARE" feature, then it works in Safari. It seems only if I export it out as a non LMS version. We currently use Safari 11.0.3 as our default.

Many thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lawrence,

I'm sorry you've hit a snag playing your Rise content. 

I know our team is looking into the behavior of the Export in the Safari browser - as what you'll notice is that you don't see a pop up appear while downloading the export of the course. You will find it appear once completed in your Safari downloads folder, although it's not a zipped folder and may be named oddly which could be confusing! Luckily, we'll also email you once the download is complete and that email will contain the zip folder of your Rise course! 

Either of these will play back when testing locally and launching in Safari. You'll want to make sure you're clicking on the .html file to play the course. If it's not playing at all for you, can you let me know a bit more about how you're accessing the file and what you're seeing?

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