What are the best size images to import into Storyline and Rise 360?

Oct 14, 2020


We are hiring an illustrator for a project which will have components in both Storyline and Rise 360.  We want to use those images in both products.  While experimenting I uploaded a stock image into the banner section in Rise 360 and it is blurry.  I need to know what image size and what type of file we need the illustrator to convert our images to so they work best in both platforms.  Are there resolution and pixel dimensions that work best?  I read that .png files are preferred to jpeg, is this true?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Trish. Here is our general guidance on working with media in Rise 360. Larger, high resolution images work best. For full width blocks and cover photos, images will dynamically be cropped to fit the size of the screen. Using a 16x9 ratio for full width images in Rise will give you the best results.

In Storyline, you'll want to use larger, high resolution images that won't need to stretch to fill the largest screen your learners will likely use.

Trish Makowiak


Thank you, I found the "working with media in Rise 360" article, but
it doesn't answer my question.

If I am submitting a Standard of Work to an artist, how do I define the
"larger, high resolution images" in a more specific format? Is there a
pixel number I should ask for? Or does "high resolution" give a definite
answer of images that will work in Rise and be able to be scaled to work as
banner images as well as slide images in Storyline?

Usually I work with stock images, working with an illustrator is new to me
and I need to communicate exactly what I need to assure I get the right

Thank you
Tricia Makowiak

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