Where does a Rise course live - is Articulate the host? And storyline 3?

Mar 12, 2018

New to 360. Have used Storyline 1 and just bought Articulate 360. Excited about it and especially Rise for easy use, but where does it live once you finish the project and where do the videos live that are part of the project?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mikki!

Rise is a web-based authoring tool, so you're right it's handled a bit differently. You can keep it organized by utilizing our new Folders feature, but check out the following for information on the hosting:

All Articulate services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the us-east-1 region located in northern Virginia in the United States. We make frequent automated backups of customer data and have implemented up-to-the-minute recovery options where feasible. We store backups in a redundant way and test our recovery frequently to reduce the likelihood of data loss and minimize downtime in a large-scale disaster. We have built redundancy into all our services to eliminate single points of failure in our infrastructure. You can read more here.

Your Storyline 360 project files will be saved locally, much like your Storyline 1 files were.

You mentioned Storyline 3 as well, which is not a part of Articulate 360, so I'm not sure if you meant Storyline 360 which I addressed above.

James Washington

I developed a few courses for a client using Rise and they really love the content. Now they want the source files so that they can update and maintain this content moving forward. How can I get this to them? They don't want a compiled zip file or packaged export, they want raw, modifiable files they can update on their own.


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