Audio-Files in rise 360: sampling rate, storage location

Jul 30, 2023

Does anybody know, how audios are recorded by Rise 360?
Is the MP3 quality comparable to Storyline-Audios, where audio sampling rate is 44,100 Hz? Does Rise 360 compress the audios? And where does Rise 360 store the audio data? Is there any chance to access the data?

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Gren Foronda

Hi Karin!

Storyline 360 records narration at 44.1 kHz, while Rise 360 records it at 48 kHz. 

Rise optimizes recorded audio for broadcasting without sacrificing sound quality; see more details in this article below:

Recorded audio (and imported ones) are stored in the Rise 360 server, and you can download and access them by exporting your Rise 360 course to Web. You can extract the exported package and then locate your audio under the Content > Assets folder.

Let me know if you have any questions or clarifications! Have a lovely day!