Why "TRY AGAIN" Presented for Passing Quiz Results?

Feb 03, 2023

We are looking to move most of our training modules from Storyline to Rise. There are a few sticking points, but a major one is this: whether users pass or fail the quiz, they always get the "TRY AGAIN" option. This is very confusing to end users. If they click on it, it erases their passing score and makes them start all over again. 

Articulate: can you please fix this so that users only see the "TRY AGAIN" if they fail to meet the passing score? 

I know that we can change the message to another one, but it still would be the same message, whether one passed or failed. I want something that says "try again" when they need to try again, and "continue" when they have passed. 

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Liz Dawrs

This is a usability issue that impacts all learners, but particularly some learners with disabilities. It arguably fails current accessibility standards, and will likely fail future additions to WCAG. Rather than burden end users and developers with finding less-than-usable workarounds, would it be possible for  Articulate to bump this up the priority list?