Word Paste Detected popup window

I see that there was an upgrade during the night in RISE! Thank you for adding features to fonts -- superscript/subscript, etc. Much appreciated! 

BUT, there's an annoying popup "Word Paste Detected" I get now when copying text from PowerPoint -- see attached. Can that be turned off (add a "do not show in future" choice)?


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Kelly-Anne Slatton

Ok maybe I am in the minority on this one, but I was SO happy when I saw this notification come through, only to be immediately crushed(only being slightly dramatic this morning lol). I don't know about others but I do not want to to retain word formatting when I paste in from there, and it did not retain word formatting previously before this popup issue. So now say when I am pasting into a heading block it is changing the boldness, font size, and font... needless to say this is now worse than having the annoying popup. Wondering how many want to keep the formatting from word vs scrub it? It would seem to me you would want to keep with the Rise formatting you have chosen, no? Please tell me this can be changed back to the old way? Pretty Please:)

Ann, any thoughts on your preference?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly-Anne, 

Our team didn't make this decision lightly and weighed all the options for text editing and requests for text formatting control.

We listened to the need for rich text formatting in Rise and have increased all the text controls options to accommodate that, including allowing for formatting from a tool like MS Word to be carried into Rise. 

If you don't want the formatting to carry over, an easy method (although additional step) is to copy that text into a plain text editor (like Notepad) and copy from there into Rise. That'll strip out the Word formatting and give you the plain text needed to edit and format within Rise. 

I hope that helps clarify, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions! 

Kelly-Anne Slatton

Hi Ashley,

That is really unfortunate. I totally get why others could want to keep their source formatting, I just really wish I had known that was coming so I could have made finishing a different project a priority beforehand. I now have to copy and paste all the bullets from hundreds of powerpoint slides twice to strip the formatting now which is obviously going to double the time it will take to finish:/ For me this highlights the need for what so many people have been asking for, a master list of what is being worked on and when it is estimated to be done. We know the information exists since y'all give us these updates on here when asked, so why not just have it readily available?

Additionally, wondering if it would be possible to strip the formatting of a bullet when pasting it into a list block in the future? Not sure why anyone would need the original bullet when using a list block?

Thanks for all your help!

Kelly-Anne Slatton

Well don't I feel like an idiot now, or maybe you're a genius! Either way... THANK YOU! Now I just have to retrain my fingers to add that extra button in!

Since you might be a genius, I don't suppose you know why this works in Firefox, but in chrome (even though when you right click it says use CTRL+SHIFT+V for paste as plain text) doing this opens my rise page in a new tab through one of my chrome extensions? Normally I use firefox so this would be fine, but I have been using chrome since last week's update because of a bug that is making my screen jump in firefox.

Stefanie Lawless

You're certainly not an idiot and I am most certainly not a genius!

It is working for me in Chrome, I wonder if one of your extensions has taken over that keyboard shortcut. And I wonder even more if you can adjust it....

I googled it and found these instructions (while I didn't try it because I don't have extensions) 

Just head to chrome://extensions/ in your browser's address bar to open up the extensions page. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a Keyboard Shortcuts option. Click it, and you can set up custom shortcuts for some of you extensions.

Hope that helps!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


With the web based nature of Rise (and the Articulate 360 subscription model), updates are in a state of constant development and refinement until the moment they're ready and pushed out to the public - so nailing down exact dates to share is a bit trickier.  That being said, the public roadmap is something our team continues to discuss and we'll keep sharing as much information here as we can about features and timelines.

Thanks Stefanie for that tip! 

Kelly-Anne Slatton

Hi Ashley,

I totally get that but I don't think anyone expects exact dates, I think we are all just saying it would be really helpful to have a master list of all of the things that are on the roadmap with estimated target dates(even just target quarters), which can always be continuously updated on the the list to let us know how things are moving along. Someone could even just keep a list in rise from what gets discussed in the threads here and that would be easy to update and easy to share the share link without having to publish anything to your website:) Glad to hear y'all are still discussing the option!


College Australia

Although I also found the pop up quite annoying last month, I wish there was a way to set pasting to either keep or remove formatting, rather than the hybrid it is now.

My reasoning for this is the clearing of formatting is now easy (with the addition of the new button in the toolbar) but retaining formatting is impossible. Due to the nature of our content, we copy in many tables from Word. Up until this point, we have reformatted everything (eg. bold and text colour) in Rise which has been troublesome. Now it is becoming a major issue as that we are adding Glossary and References to our content. The new paste formatting removes all the bold and italics, but the main issue is with the removal of hyperlinks. Particularly when copying multiple pages, each with 10-20 hyperlinks, it becomes quite time-consuming to reformat every single reference. Is there a way this can be fixed?